Elk Burger in Pub Style

How to Make Juiciest Elk Burger In Pub Style Recipe

Today I’m going to show you a very simple recipe for making elk burgers in Pub Style. So you’ve gone out into the field and done all of the hunting and hard work. You’ve finally brought something home, and you’re contemplating how to prepare it.

A general rule of thumb is to think about what you like to eat on a daily basis and let that influence how you prepare your food. So today I’m going to teach you a special recipe that I’ve been experimenting with; it’s kind of like a Juicy PUB burger with a little twist on it.

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Let it marinate and sit for 30 minutes before frying it up for lunch. So, to begin, I have a pound of elk burger that I will marinate in honey and teriyakis marinate sauce. “I cook, not bake,” as the saying goes. The idea is that cooking is often an imperfect science, so you can have your own measurements for how much spice you prefer. The marinating time is entirely up to you. It all depends on your taste preference.

Elk burger in Pub Style
Elk burger in Pub Style

Now we’re going to season the marinated elk meat with garlic salt, bread crumbs, and an egg, as well as a scoop of bacon grease. Because elk and most wild game are extremely lean, they will occasionally struggle to stick together as a burger.

After that, I like to add an external fat source, which for me is a little bacon grease, breadcrumb, and egg, they kind of blend together to form a perfectly good burger patty.

You can use your hands to mix all of the ingredients together. Make sure to wash your hands first, or else use gloves.

You can add Worcestershire after you’ve combined all of your elk burger patties. You don’t have to be perfect; simply use whatever ingredients you want in your patty. If you think the meat you’ve prepared for the patty is too soft or too dry, add some more bread crumbs to help absorb the moisture.

When you’ve finished marinating the elk burger patty, place it in the fridge for 30 minutes and we’ll be ready to make some deliciously amazing burgers.

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Now that everything is in place and soaked, it’s time to make our burgers. Let’s start by cooking some bacon in a skillet over medium-low heat; it’s also a tasty snack to have while we make some burgers.

We can now fry a special burger patty on a skillet and this is how it looks

Elk burger Patty
Elk burger Patty

Make sure the patty you are frying should be juicy so do not overcook it. And after you flip your burger you can add a slice of cheese on top of the patty so the cheese can melt properly on the delicious-looking patty.

Good enough Once your burgers are cooked, simply dress them as you would like your favorite burger to be, and for me, I will use the same honey and teriyaki sauce that we marinated our burger with on the meat, just a little splash, and to dress it up, I like to add baby arugula, some micro greens just to add a little crunch, mayonnaise, and bacon. There you have it, a delicious burger. I hope you enjoyed my all-time favorite burger recipe; try it at home with your favorite toppings and have fun!

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